A guest blog from our recent journey to Norway...

"I Recently joined The Big Journey Company on their ‘Chase the lights’ Norway adventure and it was just that - an adventure. So much more than a ‘holiday’. I had never embarked on a ‘Cold’ holiday before, or in fact travelled anywhere without a swimming costume and an endless supply of sunscreen stashed in my suitcase. So it’s fair to say I was unsure what to expect. But not unprepared, armed with a backpack full of thermals, hats, crampons and buffs (marvellously recommended by The Big Journey Company) I was more excited to set out on our journey than any other I have ventured on.

Why you ask? The Big Journey Company offer something different. Very different than any other company I have travelled with. Here you’ll find a collection of highlights from our journey… and maybe a little extra inspiration to go and chase those lights…

Adventure and Luxury

… with all the extras. This is a fine combination that other companies just don’t achieve. Five star dining while you sail by Norway's Fjords… Snow Mobiling followed by fine wine and a pianist upon on ship… an arctic ice dip in the sea followed by relaxing in the Jacuzzi with a glass of something warming…

It continued to amaze me every day.

The Beauty

If you have ever embarked on a ‘Cold’ holiday you will be familiar with the clear, fresh air and crystal blue skies you awake to everyday. There really is nothing quite like it. Aboard the ship, exploring our ports of dock or in the fascinating city of Tromso, there was always a stunning sight to be seen.

The magnitude of North Cape, delicate design of the snow hotel and endless Fjords were just a few of the sights which stunned and amazed my fellow guests and I.

The company

I am not what you’d call a ‘lone’ traveller, however I do enjoy, and sometimes need, my own space. I was slightly apprehensive about this. How would I feel about travelling with a group? On a ship. In the middle of the Arctic.

Fabulous. That’s how I felt.

It became clear to me very quickly that The Big Journey Company and our wonderful Tour Leader Jackie, are experts. They bring together a group of people, from across the world and together we enjoyed a perfected itinerary and a completely unique experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my fellow guests company and hope to travel with them again soon!

The Locals

To travel somewhere and feel as if you have truly experienced the place… and have enjoyed a unique experience… well I think it’s a rare thing. How can I find those hidden beauty spots? Where’s the best place to sample the local cuisine? Big Journey delivered again.

Expert local guides.

One of the strongest memories I will take away from Norway is the friendly, kind nature of the local people we met and in particular our local guides. They spoke with such passion and expertise, constantly enthusiastic and bursting with entertaining tales of their homeland. Wonderful.

The Lights

Our journey was filled with so many excellent excursions and activities including, snowmobiling, husky sledding, reindeer rides, visiting the North Cape and the Arctic Cathedral… the list goes on. But no moment filled me with quite as much joy as viewing those dancing lights high in the sky.

I was lucky enough to see them twice. Once from the ship and once on our ‘Chase the lights’ excursion. On the first occasion I didn’t even pick up my camera. I ran to my cabin to collect it and breathlessly rushing out on deck, I simply stood with my head tilted to the sky. I have never been in the presence of such a breathtaking phenomenon. Simply stunning.

Travelling in the Arctic with The Big Journey Company was like nothing I have experienced. They are much more than a company. They are a group of travel enthusiasts, just like their guests, with all the experience and expertise to ensure you enjoy a truly memorable experience.

I couldn’t have wished for more. Thank you Big Journey. x"

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